Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So several weeks ago I was wandering through a random sim, much like the one you are standing in as you read this post, and a girl going the opposite direction caught my eye.  So, I decided to follow her.

She led me back to a high rise in the city.  After careful observation, I determined which apartment was hers.  Let this be a warning, living high up in a high rise is no guarantee of safety, especially from me.

Eventually, she went to bed.  I watched for some time through a window despite the rush of wind at such a height.  Luckily, I use the best....well, I shouldn't give away a trade secret now.  That isn't what this is about.

This is about me breaking into her apartment, and setting up a system of very discreet surveillance cameras.

That's more in line with what you came to read about, right?  Trick Sinister, breaking into someone's home, and then using them for his pleasure.  Wrong!  You won't see any of that here.  Not this time.

 This is about me taking it up a notch.  Systematically stalking my prey.  Filming her.  Watching her.  Getting to know her personal life.  Even her bathing routine.

The little things she does in the bathroom to relieve her "stress".

 The hours she spends practicing for her symphony's orchestra.

Or just simply, how she spends her time relaxing and unwinding.  So safe.  So alone.  So very unaware.

 I can't imagine what could possibly break the serenity this girl has wrapped herself in.  Can you?

Stay tuned.  Bad day on the horizon.