Saturday, February 6, 2016

Home Invasion

Who doesn't like a nice home invasion?  It's what a strong portion of us stalkers LIVE for.  amirite?

Case in point, this lovely, peaceful, apartment building in downtown River Heights.  However, after weeks of stalking and reconnaissance, I determined the 4th floor was occupied by a very beautiful, and vulnerable, mother/daughter pair.  I also had determined that this time of day the entire building was empty, save for their unit.  In I go...

I love building superintendents with drug habits.  They are so easy to bribe and exploit.  Hence, I easily entered the unit with his master key.

Luckily, the beautiful daughter was napping in her bed while her mother was taking a shower.

In no time at all, I had her tightly bound and gagged.  She squirmed and squealed like a helpless little piglet, but I could tell by her eyes that the fear sunk in once I ripped off her gown. 

Such a ripe prize, but bigger game was afoot.

The mother was still in the shower.  Of course I crept in, allowing the steam to keep me shrouded while I watched her soaping up her still toned body.

What a milf.  Look at the water cascading off of her body.  Just as she was rinsing, I pounced.

Binding and gagging her in her own discarded stockings.

Getting into the shower caused my own clothing to get damn, so naturally I was forced to disrobe and set my clothing by the fire.

Pulling the mother onto the bed, I whispered in her ear what would happen to her daughter if she wasn't well behaved.  Of course, I planned on doing these things to her daughter regardless of how she behaved.

First, I tasted her.  What a sweet cunt this mature woman had.  How does the saying go?  The older the berry?  Anyway...

It didn't take long for her body to betray her.  I could tell she was raring to go by how easily my thick fingers slid into her pussy.

After some obligatory foreplay, I set mama up on my cock and let her ride me.  Fact is, I barely moved, this naughty slut was all too eager to hump my dick.

I eventually rolled her over and began pounding her though.

Then let her ride me some more.  Her mouth mumbled no under that gag, but her needy eyes begged yes.

Then I turned her over like the bitch she was, and pumped a copious amount of seed into her womb.

Once done, I hogtied her pretty ass on the floor and turned my attention to the daughter.

I whispered in her ear, letting her know I would sell her mother to some Middle Eastern slavers if she wasn't a good girl.

The daughter then whimpered enough that I could tell my show with her mother had made her wet, and wet she was so we immediately moved to burying my cock deep inside her fertile snatch.

Looking down into her eyes as I shot my seed deep inside of her, the thought occurred to me that both women could end up delivering my children nine months from now.

Once done with the daughter, I re-tied her sweet body on the floor and took my time getting dressed.

Both women looked up at me with pleading eyes as I dressed, wanting untied and freed.

They clearly don't know me that well.  Who knows, perhaps they are still tied on the floor of that bedroom, waiting on a "rescue".

Have a bad day, you cock hungry bitches!