Friday, January 22, 2016

Just a Lazy Day...

...hanging out at the Cyprian Garden.  Awesome sim by the way.  A good place for romantic dancing, and a few subtle hidden spots for romantic fucking.  Send me an IM in-world if you ever want me to leave this girl hanging around for you.  Afterwards, I'm sure you'll agree with me that the Garden is top notch.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Late Night Deposit

I'm hanging out a lot lately in this neat little sim I recently discovered, appropriately named "Wrong Turn".  Nice little place, if you can avoid some of the seedy residents.  There are however, a few pretty, wholesome looking women residing in the apartment area of this complex.  Whilst I was loitering about one evening, I happened to catch sight of one of these ladies as she left her apartment.

FYI, if part of your neighborhood decor is a burned out shell of a police might want to go house hunting elsewhere.

She paused momentarily at the door, and I thought for sure she had seen me and was going to turn back, which would have been the prudent thing to do.

Just as I was thinking of a way to capture her now that she was on the street, she turned away from me.

The flashing neon of the ATM store in the local 7-11 seemed to catch her eye.

Sure enough, I soon saw her stepping up to the machine as if to make a withdrawal.

She didn't catch sight of me as I stepped from the shadows, intent on a late night "transaction" of my own.

To play it safe, I slipped on a mask to hide my identity.  What do you think?  Not too sexy, I hope?

Have you ever been behind someone at an ATM and they are so focused on their banking they don't even notice you?  Yeah, same here.  ALL the damn time.  I don't even know why I'm complaining...

I quickly rushed her, pressing her forward into the machine as I began ripping off her clothing.  She turned once and saw my mask, right as I warned her against screaming.

From there it was only a few moments before I had her pants down and my cock out, working on burying it to the hilt.  Time for a late deposit, bitch!

As this aroused me to no end, I slammed into her, rocking her against the unyielding metal of the ATM, and my unforgiving firm manhood.  She was definitely caught between a hard place, and an even harder place.

My hands kept moving, ripping off her clothing, taking her, filling her, warning her not to scream.  Are you guys taking notes?  This is ATM Rape 101.

To anyone on the street, I'm sure all they saw were two lovers being frisky as they worked on taking money from the ATM.  Errr....or maybe not.  Where the night clerk was during all of this is anyone's guess.

That face your lover makes when she realizes you're not just going to use her pussy...

After my transaction was completed, I left my new girlfriend in the only position I could think of.  Perhaps another customer put in a deposit.  Perhaps she's still there, waiting on you.

Either way, have a bad day, bitch!

Looking ahead

I plan to be plunging into this later tonight, later tomorrow, later next week, later this month.  Do you blame me?  Expect more shots of this fine piece of ass.  Don't be jealous.

Catching up with old friends... always good.  Especially when it allows you to flog the most spankable ass in all of SL.

Seriously, you ever see a hotter ass?  If so, bring it by my cellar so I can properly judge it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Back at the Trick cellar....

In case anyone thought I had let this bitch go, no.  She is still very much imprisoned and well into her re-training process.

Several weeks in, and she decides to play the defiant captive, and scoffs at my insistence she address me as her Master.  A few rounds of her soft breasts being dunked into boiling water should change her mind.

Stay tuned, this is a developing story...